The "vjd system"

Ever since the introduction of limited over cricket, dealing with the interruptions and curtailment of overs was a big problem.

After several unsuccessful trials with many adhock rules, from 1998 the Internaional Cricket Council is now following the Duckworth- Lewis system.

I have also developed a system named "vjd-system" for computing target scores in limited over cricket matches.  Many people have rated this system as a better one than the D/L system.  The BCCI has accepted it to use for all domestic matches including twenty20 and women's cricket since September 2007. 

Many thanks to Mr. Sunil Gavaskar, the legendry Indian Cricketer and the former Chairman of the BCCI technical committee and ICC cricket committee, without whom this system would not have seen the light.  Also I am thankful to Sri. T.C. Mathew, Hon. Secretary KCA, who was instrumental in getting me some financial assistance from BCCI.

The Indian Cricket League (ICL) has used system for their matches.  I have developed an exclusive programme for twenty20 matches for them based on the recent World Cup 20:20 data. 

The concept of "make up factor"  I have put forward in 2006 unfortunately is yet to be discussed in detail in any forum.

The following links will lead to the details of the vjd system.

  • Theory (The article published in Current Science in September 2002)
  • Computerised system (The article published in Current Science in February 2004)
  • Makeup factors (The proposed new concept which requires more serious consideration)



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