My first interest is in Music.  Sports and Games comes only after that.  My interest lies in Classical and Classical based light songs.  I hate A.R Rahman's type music. 

I had the opportunity to have some formal training in music.  While doing my in Govt. Engg. College, Thrissur, I learned music from Sri. P.K. Kesavan Naboothiri of AIR, Thrissur.  He is a well known music director also.  "Pushpanjali" and "Vanamala", Hindu devotional songs Albums,  are his master pieces.   

During my studies in Chennai, I got the opportunity to learn music from Sri. D. Pasupathi.  He was a gem of a person and I really enjoyed my association with him.

While I was working in New Delhi, I got associated with Swaralaya, an organisation devoted for music and cultural activities and led by Sri. M.A. Baby (M.P. then).  I had the opportunity to listen to many many legents of Carnatic and Hindusthani Music.

Though it is difficult to pick a favorite out of them,  in Carnatic Classical, I love the music of K.V. Narayanaswami, Ravikiran, M.S. Gopalakrishnan, V.V. Subrahmanyam, Shasank. 

But now I am a real fan of one small boy named Mahadevan from Thiruvananthapuram the boy who came in third position in the Ragarathnam competition held in Amritha TV two years back.  His singing is just out of this world. 

I love old malayalam songs of niteen sixtis and seventis.  Great writers like Vayalar, ONV, P. Bhaskaran, Yusaf Ali & Sreekumaran Thampi; Great Music Directors like G. Devarajan, V. Dhakhinamoorthi, M.S. Baburaj, M.K. Arjunan, Salil Chaudhri; Outstanding singers like K.J. Yesudas, P. Jayachandran, P. Sushela, S. Janaki and K.P Brahmnanandan lifted this department to an unconquerable level. 

I enjoy singing these songs though I am aware that I am not able to be even 40% faithful to these great creations.

Here are some songs I tried to sing 


ponnil kulicha.mp3

 Following three songs are Group Songs tuned by me.  Songs are written by Sri. V.H. Kareem, my colleague. You may try playing them.



mamanate kerala.mp3

Following two songs are from the Album (Vanakanyaka) we produced in 1999

Chaitramasam:Lyrics- T.R. Manikantan, Music-Prakash Ammadam.

Oru poovukane: V.H Kareem and myself.


Oru poovukane.mp3

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